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Jun 05
  • Risk Management

    Risk Management

    Hedge Fund Risk Management I course has been designed to fill a gap between the mathematics employed by advanced academic researches and the level of general knowledge that might reasonably be digested by practitioners. Read more...
  • Due Diligence

    Due Diligence

    We deliver the complete due diligence training specially tailored to address irregularities and unique problems of hedge funds. Unlike the commonly used die diligence frameworks, our platforms incorporate the most advanced quantitative models available today. Read more...
  • Portfolio Composition

    Portfolio Composition

    Do you know that a properly constituted portfolio of hedge funds shows not only significantly lower risks than the underlying funds, but also superior returns close to the best performers in the basket? Read more...
  • Genetic Optimization

    Genetic Optimization

    For the first time in the industry, we have applied the genetic optimization algorithms for hedge fund portfolios. Now our advanced FoF composition course explains hedge fund multi-extreme optimization in action. Read more...
  • Trend Segmentation

    Trend Segmentation

    The proprietary Trend Segmentation technique is included in our Risk Management and Portfolio Composition training. In brief, it evaluates diverse managers’ skills during on different markets (uptrend, downtrend and trendless). Read more...

Author Tips

Top-down approach

Start from structuring an entire book rather than polishing individual chapters first. Outline the key concepts for each chapter to make sure the content flows smoothly and logically

The less, the better

If deleting a sentence makes no difference in understanding your concept, it is better to get it removed. Technical writing and fiction writing are not the same: make your style concise and crystal clear.

Focus on your audience

Target the potential audience to ensure that the manuscript is neither too complicated nor too trivial. Keep the same accessible level throughout the entire book and do not mix the extremes.

In the readers’ shoes

Avoid untimely editing

Editing as you go is a weak praactice. Rather than writing a few sentences and polishing to perfection, try completing a whole notional part - as long as possible.

Delivery and Publication

Finally, your book is printed and we check its quality. We will send advanced copies to you, reviewers, and contributors. After the last cor rections are done, we start commercial printing through one of our contractor print house. We distribute your book via our developed sale network and by direct marketing.

Avoid a content bubble

The worst technical books are these that include a huge amount of reference documents like examples of agreements or operating manuals. Cannot make a decent volume without these? It is better not to start it at all.

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Guidelines for Preparing New Book Proposals

W e welcome any new book proposals and would be happy to evaluate any suggestions submitted to the HFB. Please, note that we focus only on the books related to the alternative investment industry and hedge funds. You can find contact details of our commissioning editors here

How long should it be?We do not require you to write the whole book or sample chapters before you approach us. To begin with, we only need an overall plan structured along the following lines.

A short summary (200-300 words) describing the book's aims and its scope.

A contents list with a short paragraph outlining each chapter.

A realistic assessment of the targeted readership.

  • Please, make an analysis of the major categories of readers (private investors, institutions, financial advisors and so on) the book is intended to aim.
  • Consider the readership mathematical level, and minimum needed supplementary reading.

4Competing titles
Strong points of the book in relation to competing titles including:

  • The author, title, publisher, publication date, price and number of pages of the main competing books.
  • Any unique features that will distinguish your book from competitors.

5Other relevant information

  • Your timetable: what stage are you at now, and when do you hope to complete the manuscript?
  • Approximately how many pages, would you expect your book to contain?
  • How many figures and table will there be? Are there any color figures?

6Submission formats

  • What type of word processors will you be using? (ex. MS Word, WordPerfect).
  • Will you be able to prepare your figures electronically?
  • If so, what software will you be using?

7About the author(s)
Please provide some brief information about yourself and your co-authors, where appropriate, including any details of previous publications.

HFB’s creative approach provides authors with every support possible throughout the publishing cycle. Our consultants and editors collaborate closely with authors to ensure the right product is presented in the most advanced yet accessible form. HFB representatives maintain personal contact with authors through the whole life of a project.

When you are ready to submit a proposal, please contact our editors here.

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